IRClass releases Rules for LNG Fuelled Coastal and Inland Vessels and Rules for Pleasure Crafts


Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass), has released Rules for LNG fuelled coastal and inland vessels in addition to its already established Rules for ocean going ships. In a significant move, which underscores the increasing importance of using cleaner fuels, these Rules will help the maritime stakeholders to promote environment friendly fuels for Coastal as well as Inland vessels.The Rules for gas fuelled vessels have been developed based on a study of the various international requirements such as the ESTRIN (European Standard laying down Technical Requirements for Inland Navigation Vessels), the IMO IGF Code and consultations with various stakeholders. IRClass has also developed Rules for Pleasure Crafts above 24 metres length which are in addition to its Rules for Pleasure crafts below 24m length already published earlier. These new rules are developed based on several national standards as well as ISO standards.In view of the growing ownership of pleasure crafts (yachts) in India there was a pressing need to address the regulatory aspects of such crafts. With the development of these Rules IRClass is also planning to target key markets in Europe.